3T Scan

1.   The largest patient opening of any MRI scanner in region
with a 17% larger patient opening the 3T is the largest open scanner. This makes the scan experience more comfortable for all of our patients, especially those who are concerned about claustrophobia. With 3T, patients will feel more comfortable and at ease.
2.   Double the Magnetic field strength for more detailed pictures.
The 3T system features a magnetic field that doubles the field strength of all other scanners and is up to 10 times stronger than most open field scanners for improved image quality and the ability to see very small structures with high definition clarity.
3.   High Definition Image quality
The difference in image quality is similar to the difference you would see between high definition and standard TV. The ability to seen small nerve bundles, small vascular structures, etc…
4.    Small incremental price for improved quality
Just a small increment in price can save a large expenditure of treatment cost due to underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed with low-quality MRI.  Most of the cancers can be treated if detected at earlier stages and entire treatment changes with the correct diagnosis. Even contrast enhancement can be avoided thus reducing the total cost of service.
5.    Patients weighing up to 250kg.
The 3T MRI can scan patients weighing up to 250 kgs whereas most standard scanners are limited to 125kgs.
6.    Silent Scan capability and Shorter scan times 
Because the 3T MRI system is technologically ahead and produces significantly more power, magnetic field strength is capable of to execute silent or soundless MRI procedures and also the length of our patient scans are significantly less than that of a standard MRI scanner.
7.    Open skies scanning suite
We understand that the best results occur when the patient is relaxed and comfortable in their environment. Because of this, PIONEER METRO SCANS  has created a unique environment we call the open skies scanning suite. This new room design provides the ultimate MRI experiences for our patients. 
8.    Non-contrast vascular studies
In many instances, the enhanced imaging capabilities of 3T allow vascular studies involving blood vessels within the body to be performed without intravenous contrast which improves patient comfort and patient safety while minimizing the total cost of the service to the patient.
9.     Increasing clinician requests for 3T
Clinicians are quickly realizing that 3T represents the gold standard in MRI imaging and are increasingly requesting 3T scans, especially for neurogenic, musculoskeletal and other body imaging.
10. Power to choose where you are scanned.
You are encouraged to consult with your doctor about your imaging choices and request a facility that offers the safest and advanced scanning technology. Every patient has the right to choose the best MRI facility available in his region for his diagnosis. GET THE BEST WITH 3T MRI at Pioneer Metro Scans. Technologically Years ahead than others.