Uro CT

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Uro CT
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CT Scan
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CT Urography

Radiological evaluation of the excretory system conventionally is done by X-ray IVP or IVU. But in the recent times with the introduction of MDCT, CT scanners were used to study the Urinary system. CT Urography gives additional advantages compared to conventional IVP that instead of a 2D collapsed projection, in CT you can visualize the cross sections and analyze them for minute pathologies. In the present day scenario CTU has replaced conventional X-ray IVP to a great extent.

The newly commissioned Volume 500 slice 4D Dynamic CT at Metro Scans can do this investigation with unprecedented accuracy with it ultra high resolution mode with 0.35 mm spatial resolution slices. Additionally this system is equipped with low radiation usage technology known as ASiR, which prevents your patient from getting over exposed with excess amount of X-ray in comparison to other currently available CT systems.

There are two commonly employed methods for this investigation - a plain scan for stone survey and a contrast enhanced scan for assessing the function and excretion of the kidney, ureter and bladder. CTU is used as a first-line investigation for haematuria and its also used as a problem-solving examination. Depending on the clinical requirement a 2 phase or 3 phase examination is done. The images are post processed in a high end imaging workstation to which produces 3D images of the CT Urogram.

Common Indications :
  • Renal Stone Survey

  • Acute Colic pain Evaluation

  • Mass lesions involving Kidney, Ureter, Bladder

  • Hematuria Evaluation