CT Colonoscopy

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CT Colonoscopy
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CT Colonoscopy

CT Colonoscopy is one of wide accepted clinical imaging tool used for the non-invasive imaging of the colon. With the introduction of the latest Generation Low Dose 500 slice 4 D Dynamic CT at Metro Scans, we can now see the inside of the colonic loops even at the most difficult area where conventional Colonoscopy probe cannot reach. The low dose technique called ASiR™ available with this equipment make the procedure more patient friendly without any ham of over radiation exposure unlike other CT scanners.

The procedure is very simple and its purely out patient. Patient needs to be prepared for the investigation from the previous after noon. Scan is done with air insufflation in to the colon, and scan is done in both supine and prone positions.

The images are processed using a very specialized workstation and with a dedicated software by our experienced Radiologist. The common type of images, which we obtain, is Virtual Endoscopy view (or known as flythrough images). The computer program also can now virtually dissect the colon and give you an elongated view to clearly see the inside wall of the colon. Virtual colonoscopy given the unique advantage that you can visualize the distal portion of the colon after a tight mass lesion, hand help in complete assessment of the mass, which cannot be seen on a conventional scope.

Screening colonoscopy is done to diagnose the presence of colonic polyps, which can turn later in to colonic cancer.

The common indications :
  • Evaluation of Colonic Polyps
  • Diverticula of Colon
  • Colonic Strictures
  • Assessment Colonic Mass
  • Blood in Stool
  • High Risk category – history of polyps, Family history of Colon Cancer