500 Slice Dynamic CT

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500 Slice Dynamic CT
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500 slice 4D Dynamic CT Scanning with Volume Helical Shuttle..

Introducing Volume Helical Shuttle
Optima CT 660 we introduce a revolutionary technology which far extends the scope of multi detector helical imaging .VHS is a continuous bidirectional scan mode that extends z-coverage while providing reliable temporal sampling. GEÂ’s exceptional dynamic pitch reconstruction uses scan data acquired during table acceleration and deceleration, allowing to perform up to 500-slice (312.5-mm) dynamic studies. This tool is used to perform 4D-CTA dynamic studies, or to study moving joint structures, opening new applications in orthopedic imaging. In addition, Volume Helical Shuttle lets us perform perfusion studies of body organs up to 120 mm.

500 slice 4D Dynamic CT in Non-Coronary Cardiac Applications :

With the evolution of Volume Cardiac CT Scanner we can now easily look in to the heart and other great vessels. Here is a snapshot look at the myriad applications which can be done in the field of imaging of Cardiac applications other than Coronary artery imaging . The State-of-the-Art 500 slice 4D dynamic cardiac CT system installed at Metro Scans is powered with unique capabilities of very high temporal resolution as high to 44mS for motion free imaging of heart and with unique 0.625mm slicing for high resolution imaging.

ASIR ™ Technology : A revolutionary scan technique with this equipment enabled dose reduction up to 40 % on cardiac applications in comparison to any other MDCT in the country. This unique technique is essential especially in Pediatric patient group as it uses ultra low radiation doses.

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