About Us

Company Overview:

Metro Scans and Laboratory is one of the largest chain of medical diagnostic centres in Kerala. We have more than 10 branches across Kerala providing services ranging  from 3 Tesla  / 1.5 Tesla MRI,128 slice CT scan,High end Ultrasound and all other diagnostic services including Fully automated laboratory services accredited by National Accreditation Board for Laboratories(NABL).

Metro Scans and Laboratory was inaugurated  on 17th  Aug 2003 at Trivandrum which brought a new trend in the field of Medical Diagnostics in capital city of Kerala - viz, Quality and Consistency in diagnostic services especially in the emerging field of Medical Imaging.

Metro Scans introduced the latest equipments in Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory services in 2003- an entire range under one roof . It provided a new experience to the citizen of capital city ,who has enthusiastically supported our ventures in last several years.

Now we are currently having 4 centres with full fledged stand alone facilities from 1.5T MRI to laboratory  service and more than  6 smaller  centres  including in-hospital facilities across Kerala. Throughout these years we have kept our word with the medical community, introducing several new modalities and excelling in image quality.